Madhya Pradesh - Hershy

got it. thanks for the old memories. Puchi

Gr8 photos - brings back happy memories ! Continue sending us photos, we are really enjoying them. Kamal

Brings back fond memories of that trip Tks Motu

It brings back lovely memories!!!!! What a time we had. Thanx once again for taking all the trouble to take us back the memory lane.!!!!!!!......અભય ના જૈજીનેન્દ્ર

Hi Harsh uncle! Saw all the photos...I looked like a boy hahaha! Felt so nice to go through the pictures, I actually remembered certain events and scenes even now! Thanks for sharing these :)


Hi Harsh, Just saw all the photos..felt sooo nostalgic. Those were the days my friend... I wish they never ended..thanks so much for preserving and sharing these wonderful memories