Hey Harsh, A delight. Hairy days- the passage of time- the bald patches appearing- the young wives becoming mothers and letting go. Vijay Lashkari, sadly departed, our little Bachhas now parents with their own kids. The passage of time is relentless and we are passengers rolling along. Bittersweet. Cheers Keep them coming.  Mialn

OMG! Everyone has so much hair and is so slim in the first photo! :-) Anju Sethi even has long plait!! Awesome!! Thanks.  Rashmi

Thanks for all yours and Sunil's effort in compiling a beutiful album. They are all great pictures and great old memories to ponder on. Sorry did not know Prakash at that time and was not a part of the fun. Thanks again.  Alpa Dalal

Harsh, this is amazing...thank you for sharing... - Nilima

Each can give a fright to the current Bollywood toppers. Vintage car Pancho included. Sunil Shah

Good old days. Thanks for sharing..... Rashmi

Hi Hersh, Thank you & Sunil ( Lamba) for posting photos. Max

Nice pics, Thanx. Shishir

it seems,party is still on!!!!!! Naresh


time flies !!!  Sunil (shah)

Such lovely photos and priceless memories! Good old times...his daughter looks like him, I think, in some of the photos.  Rashmi

Hi Harsh – loved the photos - best is number 24 (with Swarup) & number 31 (all dressed up)! Thanks for sharing them with me -  Maya

Lovely photos! Thanks.  - Rashmi (Shah)

Hi Harsh, I strongly advise that you come to Frankfurt for about half a year, or even longer, and scan all our old photographs. So nice. Love,  Christel


1990 NOV  

Lovely photos of Vini--one with monkey and one sitting....great memories! All blasts from the past! Thanks.   Rashmi 

Thanks for the memories. Just laughed my head off. I have to say, I have had a great childhood. Growing up with my cousins and their friends was an amazing experience...Thanks to all - Rajeev Parikh

Harsh I cannot thank you enough for reviving my old memories and giving me chance to see a much slimmer me . Its Unbelievable. Neelima

Many, many thanks for reviving fond always! Warmly, Rashmi (Shah)

1993 Oct  I must have gone over those pictures more than 10 times. Can’t imagine how innocent and young we were at that time. Well, then again innocent, I am not sure but young definitely!! Can’t even imagine in present scenario, Maya sitting on my lap and kissing me like in the like in the last Pic of Matheran ’93. On second thought I might not be able to take her present weight. Any way was very delighted to see all the Pics. So please put in some extra effort and keep ‘em rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abhay

Hi Harsh- great photos. Appreciate whatever you are able to send. Regards Milan


very nice photos...especial effects and the photos of the deity are great@  Rashmi S

Harsh Thanks for these photos, I always wanted to take them but was prevented. What has always puzzled me that Jainism preaching austerity & aprigraha-- but they dress the trithinkars with gold, silver & all the wealth they can muster! Raj (Mehta)

Thank you! I think I glimpsed Mayafia in there :) Neel

How nice. Even some old pictures of Jagdish. Love, Christel 


Harsh, So many years back.A tinge of sadness, for years gone past, memories, lives lived, baby-infant-kid-young boy-lad-young man-father----full circle. God bless the gift of life. The circle keeps turning. Cheers Milan

I clearly remember this day when I came to see Jay at the hospital. Thanks for including me. Warmly, Rashmi (Mrs. Shah)

These are wonderful remembrances for you and your family. Loved it!! Sharookh

Thank you so much for sharing these. Thanks to that 20 th Sept, we are now connected to a wonderful family. Love you all. Gitu

Hershy, Thank you for all those sweet memories.... Nostalgic, Maxi

Love them! Amrita

It is always great to go down the memory lane... Roopal

Oh, Harsh, how wonderful! What a lovely photograph of Jerbai. Is there any way you can send this to me separately? Love, Christel

Great pictures, Harshbhai. Anang was nostalgic to see old pics of Jay s birth..So many reminiscenes came alive..So many of them not among us now but their cherished memories lit up the memory lane. Thank you so much for this beautiful treasure.. Madhavi

mama the pics of Jay's birth are a treasure. everyone is looking so young. you , mami, mummy. Mami is glowing in the pictures. And so many who are no more with us looking so lovely. did you notice Shachi in the picture with jarbai faiba , and niru ba? love them. thank you mama. Neha

Harsh , little kidlas in any case prove the Darwenian theory of descent from the Apes. What is lovely is the photos of elders no longer with us. God knows where the years have gone by.  Milan 


Sunflower Diwali

Beautiful little girl! She is going to give a headache to her parents when she grows up. Rashmi

Wow! they all look gorgeous, what a wonderful collection, the matching outfits with their moms looks striking, I loved it.  Anju Sethi

some pretty ladies !!!  Sunil Shah

Diwali Dhun Tersah

Beautiful photos of a disappearing tradition. Thanks for sharing. Rashmi

Harsh, Jay can now plan for retirement. Cheers.  Milan

Sooo cute, viney is looking good, so grown up. Lena

How so very sweet!! Little doll! hugs to Anika!  Roopal

Harsh, I love yopur photographs. Regards, Christel


Man that’s a lot of hard work you have put in compiling so many Pics. Great Pics though some them have very low lighting.


How lovely. I have never been to Aurangabad. Love, Christel