Friday, 27th September 2013

Returned from Vinati's workplace, OM Creation's exhibition ART TRISOMY. It was an experience of mixed emotions: pride and humbleness. Before Vinati joined Sadhana school and later, OM Creations, Swarup and I had never imagined that she will continue to make us proud of her achievements over the years. The Gold medal for her painting in an all India contest was a big start. It has continued from there and she has achieved small and big goals, humbling us each and every time that this "Special' child has brought so much fame to our family. 

Swarup is in Ahmedabad so Vinati and I went for the opening, late by 20 minutes due to traffic. Vinati's six black & white sketches (two sets of three) and two individual colour works were on display and by the time we reached, one set of three B&W (Rs. 4000) and one colour (Rs. 5000) were already sold. I booked the remaining four as a friend wanted to buy her work and we wanted to keep one for ourselves. 

Just as they were putting the SOLD stickers, someone came over and said that the German Consul had seen the work and wanted to buy the colour piece. When I was introduced as the father of the artist (my one minute of fame!) she requested that I let go of the painting as she wanted it for her daughter.  

Reluctantly, I had to agree. 

Within minutes another lady came and asked for the remaining B&W set of three sketches. When she was informed that the parent had already bought them, she came to me and said, "Please let me have them. You have the artist at home, why do you need her work? And won't you feel more proud if her work is displayed in someone else's home?".  What was I to say? 

Though I came back empty handed, my heart was full with comfort and pride that Vini's work was selected by total strangers who appreciated her art. Unfortunately I was not carrying my camera, which I normally do at such events so am sharing some pics taken on my phone.



Super work! Inspired by Picasso & Jamini Roy!

Great Stuff. Talent has no boundaries. 

Harsh uncle!! Omg I love the black and whites and my favourite is the lady on the bottom with the glasses!! Her stance gesture in the line, expression... It's perfect!!
Please can I commission one for Mira??? She take as long as she likes and do it whenever she feels inspired:) Will try and go see the works and try and take Mira! Xx Payal K

Dear Harsh, Felt so nice reading your note - truly a proud moment not only for you but for all of us at Om Creations - May God bless Vinati with good health and always keep her smiling. Many thanks & warm regards, Zaver & Roshni

Congrats to both of you and to Vinati. I loved the paintings. It is unheard of Harsh without his camera. Though your phone snaps are good am sure they don't do justice to her paintings. God bless her.
Harsha Vora

Reha V Shishodia

Congratulations to vinnie!! We are all so proud of her!! Congratulations to the proud parents too!! Love from us all
Sharookh Mehta family

Thank you, for sharing emotions Harsh.
We are so very proud of Vinati, and so very proud of her family, not only parents, but you all -have taken so much care in bringing her up, ever encouraging her, constantly being with her, whenever needed. And yet taking efforts in having her participate in numerous activities. I am aware about what it means. Each child is special, precious. Have you heard about Art as a therapy? Children's feelings, moods are conveyed by art medium. I was amazed by the awesome creations while visiting the school also. And here is Vinati, a very special child -a very special young lady. I kept on looking at the paintings attached to this email, again and again, and felt they were speaking -as if Vinati is speaking through them. And that, my friend, is a real success of the artist. Do congratulate Vinati and convey our best wishes. Congrats to the family too. Best wishes, always. Roopal & Kushal

Wow ! Congratulations on vinati's achievements ! It sure is a moment of pride and joy ! Mana Mehta

Tell Vini we are proud of her!
Jayshree Lalbhai

Very touching. Vini makes all of us proud !
Prem Rupani

Amazing stuff, something I would love to have in my house too… Vinati is talented , a gifted daughter to a gifted father!! Parvez Diwan
Excellent paintings
Abhay Khetani

Fantastic. A big hug to Vini 
Sunil Shah

Dear Harsh,
Very happy. But a part of the credit goes to wonderful parenting.

My heartiest congratulations to Vinati and to Swarup and you who always nurtured her
Vispy Saher

Sooo Talented.....!!!
Nilima Mehta

  • Howard's Photography

    on October 1, 2013

    Beautiful artwork, Vinati, a proud moment for you and your family!

  • Rick Willis

    on September 30, 2013

    Looks Like you have an Artist on Demand...

  • brickroadphoto

    on September 28, 2013

    Very touching and such a proud moment for all. Congratulations to Vinati and all of you. Thank you for sharing her beautiful artwork and accomplishment.